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With two decades of showing Great Danes I've been honored when asked to judge the breed my heart belongs to.
Here are some of my favorite assingments called Sweepstakes.  I've done several All-Breed fun matches as well, it's all a great honor. With over 22 years in the breed I've bred several champions that have won not only BOB's over ranked specials (owner, handled & professionally handled too) but also a BISS.  Additionally, our stud dogs have propelled other kennels to some of their champions both in the USA, Canada, Sweden & Mexico. I look forward to the next phase of my Dane Life and that is judging.  In 2011, I look forward to completing my ring stewarding for AKC judging and submitting my application and earnestly award the best dogs based on their merits. In May 2009 I became approved for all-breeds with United Kennel Club (UKC). In the meantime I am available for UKC Sanctioned shows and AKC Sanctioned fun matches and Sweepstakes and I love traveling.
Here is Best In Sweepstakes
Amazona Missoni
who just took my breath away.  Two years later he was given to me by his breeder/owner Dr Helen Goldberg and is the foundation of my harl breeding program.
Here is Best In Sweepstakes
BIF Ch. Lobato's Fire For Effect
at the Great Dane Club of Des Moines Specialty Feb 08.
During this photo I was delighted to learn that my choice of winning puppy was also the GDCA's Best in Futurity.

Additionally in May 2009 I was approved to judge All-Breeds with United Kennel Club.