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Handling Services
"Willow" picking up last 2 pts to single out
Now accepting 2010 Spring / Summer Clients

Jumping into dog shows with no mentor was how I entered the world of dog shows.  Essentially I put myself through the school of hard knocks.  I read many books, took many handling classes and found that with persistence I could learn the "feel" of the different dogs I was showing. Through love of the sport, a sincere bond with my dogs and old West grit and determination my show dogs have earned every winning ribbon right by my side.  Off and on through the years I've been asked to present dogs for others as friends recognized my confidence and skill in presenting dogs.  With two decades behind me in showing I am pleased to offer limited show string services for Quality-Bred medium and large breed dogs primarily in Texas.  

Below is my rate sheet.

Thank you for your consideration of my presentation skills to your prospective show dog.  Here is my rate sheet and carry or ringside handling agreement.

NEW CHAMPION - 4 pt major "Willow"
"Dee Dee" WB -Best of Breed & Group 2
     CH Titan winning another Best of Breed        Ch Odin winning a Sweepstakes          CH Asa winning Best of Opposite                   "Sonny" winning a very competive reserve