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LoJack Dachs
Welcome to LoJack Dachshunds with Jack Garcia.

My parents have been involved in the sport of pure-bred dogs and exhibiting Great Danes since before I was born. We've traveled throughout Texas, Oklahoma & Louisiana on dog adventures.  As you can see through the pages of this website my parents particularly my mom have earned many honors with their danes.  Through the years I've participated by handling some of our danes when needed but my heart has long belonged to the Dachshund breed.

We had our first "mutt" dachshund, Oscar who was an escape artist and passed away well before his time.  My parents did their best to make our acreage 'escape proof' and we welcomed in 2002 Onyxstars Low Boy (Ch Saytar's Sebastian x Raydachs Sea Maiden Ariel) bred by our  dear friend Sandra Watt Becker of Robstown, TX.  "L.B." is a wild boar coat who did not get his furnishings nor his testicles and he was neutered.  He's been my best friend and companion everyday since coming here.  I have for years asked my mom for a long hair dachshund and we didn't have too look too hard when the right one came along.  My mom's dear great dane pal Janice Finney of Ozo Dachs had a litter and although Janice spent years in danes with a Top 20 Special "Ragz" her eye is turnning out to be just as good in the Dachshund breed.  

Thank you to my new breeders & mentors,
Janice Finney and Mary Galvan of my new addition:
Cowboy and I will debut in Corpus Christi, TX fun match and Fall 2009.

Oh and after being 'dragged' around to dog shows when I didn't think they were too much fun, my mom
who is well known for her professional photography has imparted her great skills upon me.  
I have been photographing dogs since I could walk and have begun to follow in mom's footsteps of professional quality
photography of show dogs. Please visit my other webpage: JaxShowPix