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We are happy to be affiliated with the following clubs and honored to serve and or have
served as officers and board members as well as committee chairs for various events.  
Without active members the show does not go on.
We enjoy helping make dog shows happen.
United Kennel Club
 * Approved conformation judge, Penny Mikeman - 2009
Alamo Great Dane Club, Inc.
 * Current Members
 * Board Members through 2006
 * Club Secretary 2004
 * Newsletter Editor through 2005
 * Webmaster through 2005, 2009 to present
 * Fun Match Chairman (Don)
 * Combined Specialty Committee (Penny)
 * Catalog Ad Chairman (Penny)
 * Trophy Chair (Penny)
Bee-Tex Kennel Club, Inc.
 * Current Members
 * Vice President (Don)
 * Board Members (Don & Penny)
 * Publicity Chair (Penny)
 Sadly the Bee-Tex Kennel Club has folded in 2010 due to lack of interest in the community of Beeville, Texas.
Heart of Texas Great Dane Club
NON-Member Serving
 * Combined Specialty Committee
 * Publicity Chairman for CSC
 * Catalog Ad Chairman for CSC
Great Dane Club of Greater Houston, Inc.
 * Member 1994 - 2007
 * 1995/1996 served as Newsletter Editior and Correspondent to Dane World Magainze
 * 2002 Awards: Top Club Breeder, Top Club Dam, Top Club Stud, Ch Plaque to Titan
 * 2004 Award: Ch Plaque to Asa
San Jacinto Kennel Club, Pasadena, TX
*  Member 93-97 while living in Houston area
Corpus Christi Kennel Club
*  Member during the early to mid 90's
American Canine Exhibitor
In Print and On-line advertising of Quality Owner Handled Show Dogs founded in 2000
Discountinued publication in 2005 to pursue other avenues in dog show judging.
Equine Associations:
*  Member BEHA
*  Member PtHA
*  Pending membership to local mounted posse
*  Publisher /  Editor
*  Founder South Texas Pony Club Yahoo Meet Up Group
*  Southeast Texas Area Coordinator for Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society 2008
Dream Big Sport Ponies
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