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Puppies - Litterbox
The prospective breedings featured below are considerations at this point. We will do one or possibly two of these breedings as time permits.
-updated 07-17-2014-
Litterbox NEWS - future Dagmar Greats...
We are very pleased to be the breeders of what are considered to be Great Danes that stand for quality in the breed and conform to the standard with regard to type, structure, temperament and overall soundness for health of body & mind. It is a passion no doubt that goes beyond the ordinary. Over the years we've been blessed with the lifelong extended family we've made through our danes with their new families. We love sharing the smallest of milestones and we are there for the joy and heartache that comes with owning & loving a living creature. With that said, you are considering adding a living creature to your home environment. As a concerned future pet parent and smart consumer we expect to be asked tough questions and we ask tough questions. Because life is a natural cycle of growing and aging we offer what we believe to be a strong written guarantee and propose to warrant as much as we believe is fair for a dane's growth and overall life expectancy. As each home is different in it's approach to feeding, rearing and training in general dogs will vary in their home lives. We strive for long lived and happy dogs naturally but advise that we are only the beginning, it is paramount that the new home seek to continue and cultivate a life of love, happiness and healthy living for their new dog.
Breeding date:
Puppies Expected:
Date Pups can go to new homes:

Interested parties may email us your completed Questionnaire.  
Upon review and reference verification we will contact you with an invitation to visit Dagmar & the puppies as well as purchase Terms.
After reviewing your questionnaire answers and we approve you; we will accept a deposit once puppies are on the ground. Deposits hold your place in line not a specific puppy. Deposits are non-refundable when purchase is cancelled by prospective buyer; Deposits are refundable only if cancelled by breeder should the puppy not be available to leave our home due to health or injury or other circumstances.
All pets will be sold on LIMITED registration with MANDATORY SPAY/NEUTER contracts.
If you are not planning on spaying/neutering we will not sell you a dog.

For more information about reserving a spot on our current or a future
puppy waiting list, click here to copy & paste the Questionnaire and then email it to us at DAGMARDANES@THE-I.NET
PUPPYMILLS & BACKYARD BREEDERS BEWARE: The contract contains a damage statement. It states a $5000 damage claim against each named individual who buys a companion on a spay / neuter  agreement and intentionally or accidentally breeds, or resells in tact the said dog or bitch for purpose of selling or otherwise placing puppies. Dagmar is taking a stand here and now against individuals who try to intentionally mislead us in their purchase of a Great Dane.  We also conduct criminal and general background checks of individuals we get that "gut" feeling about.  If you have any type of criminal record regarding cruelty to animals or children or dealing drugs please do not bother wasting our time.
If you are looking for a dane puppy, the type of home that we EXPECT you to be will be the type of person that wants to love this breed and our dog/puppy from puppyhood to old age.
Basically from...THIS
... to THIS
and every stage in between.

These are our babies, we have the right to refuse anyone.

In Our Pursuit of Perfection...Excellence Is Tolerated

Founded as a dream in 1986, Established 1988
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