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Custom Orders
All Nana Penny's baked goods are made with the highest quality ingedients and the #1 ingredient is LOVE
which you just can't measure.
Every order is hand sifted, hand stirred and homemade. All ingredients are USDA Grade for human consumption and I buy the ingredients that are in these treats from the same shelves that I purchase my own family's groceries.

Great idea: With a group of friends split a custom batch. The batch will be mailed to the party that orders and completes payment. Then you and your friends can split it.

Custom batch is only available in order size of 4 dozen or multiples of 4 dozen and priced accordingly.
Shipping of more than 2 orders may incurr additional charges.
Custom Batch of 48
shipping via Priority Mail
Local PICK UP only
Custom Batch of 48
I was at a restaurant recently where you get to create your own meal and thought well why not extend that to my clientel for their canines. I've created this page where you pick what goes into your custom treats. It costs a bit more because I go to the market (grocery store) based on what's selected and find the freshest ingredients possible.

For your custom order select one (1) ingredient from each column.
Extra veggies or combo of veggies add $2.00
Please note the below menu is not high tech selection
When you make payment via paypal Contact me and let me know
which ingredients you've selected. It's best to text.
Pick Your protein
Pick Your Flour
Pick your Veggie
Beef Liver
Chicken Liver
Ground Beef
Chicken Breast
Ground Turkey
Peanut Butter
Tofu (NEW)
Whole Wheat
Mix Wheat & Oatmeal
Add Flax Seed $3.00
Norwegian Kelp
Beet (NEW)
Sweet Potato
Gold Potato
Cilantro (NEW)
If you are doing any of the extras please text or email me so that I can confirm this order prior to baking and charge you accordingly. The paypal check out does not include the extras.
When placing the order please note in paypal's special instructions your selections.
(can request sugar free at check out in special instructions)