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Raffle & Giveaways
      Monthly I offer a Raffle for 4 dozen baker's choice treats.  Tickets are $2 each with 30 spots. You pay for each number you'd like your name or a friend or rescue's name to appear.  The drawing is done during a facebook live once tickets are sold out via online Prize Wheel. Winner will receive treats mailed to 1 address of their choice. CashApp is my preferred method of payment as there are no fees, CashApp address is $NanaPennyDavis or you can use the PayPal button here. When payment is received I will update the raffle post with your desired names.  

Good luck and thank you.
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       Monthly I offer 2 dozen treats for Facebook post sharing. How to win. When  you see the post, LIKE, COMMENT with tagging 3 friend's names and SHARE to your wall.  My 8 year old grandson Orion randomly picks the winner from all names in the post who followed directions.  

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