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Who is Nana Penny? My pleasure to share where this nickname came from many years ago. It's the name the pet parents who bought my show dogs gave me when we were out showing our puppies. I have been involved in the sport of pure bred dogs and showing and breeding champion Great Danes for nearly 30 years. Our limited breedings produced champions as well as sired champions in USA, Mexico, Canada, Norway, and many wonderful companion dogs in Finland, Switzerland and Australia. During that time I have come across all sorts of products meant to enhance your dog's enthusiasm for showing their best as well as for generally just spoiling your dog. I learned about weight gain, weight loss and how to get a show dog ready for a peak performance during this time. But above all I learned that no matter win or lose at the end of the day treat your dog like he just won Best In Show, afterall that's how your dog treats you with that unconditional love we receive from them. I also love to bake and thought about different things I've baked and cooked for my dogs over the years and that's when I developed my Liver And Whole Wheat Meat Muffins with Norwegian Sea Kelp. I gave some out to friends and family and began offering these doggie delights via Facebook and Instagram and before I  knew it was shipping nationwide. Baking for K9's is a special treat for me because it involves two of my passions #1 Dogs and #2 Cooking/Baking. So what do the dogs have to say about them? Pretty much the same thing, they love them and they love their pet parents even more when they get these delicious treats.  My aim is to bake each batch with wholesome ingredients, never any artificial preservatives. I want to be your pet's Nana Penny.
Ch Devon's Texas Treasure V Dagmar
Owner Handled to his Championship every step of the way.

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